International Moth Vi-7 3Di Mainsail

The Vi-7 3Di Mainsail is an all purpose Moth sail for the Exocet Moth. Careful distribution of shape and luff curve have produced a fantastic, easy-to-use sail for both upwind and downwind sailing. The sail is built using North Sails 3Di technology. Internal batten pockets provide perfect symmetry from tack to tack and custom made 3D printed camber inducers mean the flow around the leeward side of the sail attaches easily while providing a further weight saving.

Standard Features

  • Painted class insignia
  • Sail numbers
  • 3D printed camber inducers
  • Internal batten pockets for perfect symmetry between tacks
  • Tell tales
  • Long roll bag Available for kinked booms [between 10 and 20 degrees] and straight booms
  • No battens included


Carbon battens available at an extra cost