Swan 45 A1-3 Asymmetric

Wind range: 0-8 knots

The Swan 45 A1-3 Asymmetric is a light air super performer in 0-8 knots. It flies straight-luffed, which minimizes backwind in the mainsail. It is stable in chop and crosses over to the S2 at approximately 10 knots. Available in two cloth options: AirX 500 or Contender Superlite 50.

Standard Features

  • Asymmetric clew strop
  • Asymmetric Gybulator
  • Country code
  • Sail numbers
  • Standard measurement
  • Spinnaker turtle bag

Class Experts

Swan 45 A1-3 Asymmetric headshot

Jacco Huijgen

Rotterdam, Netherlands
Stabroek, Belgium