Star M0-5 Mainsail

Wind range: 0-14 knots

Tme M0-5 is primarily a light air sail, range 0 to 14 knots.  The entire sail is built out of the lightest cloth allowed by the class in order to maximize light air performance.  The sail features more rounded sectional shape in order to develop maximum power and is especially good at getting the crew over the side very low down in the wind range.  We altered the luff curve slightly to make sure the sail is not too draft-forward when the mast is very straight in the light air. Fits all the new masts nicely and a must have sail when the wind is really light.

Standard Features

  • Radial clew and head with crosscut mid sections construction
  • Two vision windows and spreader window
  • Luff and leech tell tales
  • Spectra leech cord
  • Epoxy battens
  • Mainsail trim stripes
  • Class royalty label
  • Full length roll bag
  • Class Insignia (red as standard)
  • Sail numbers


  • Extra set of battens