J/24 SD/TH Genoa

2019, 2016 Worlds!

The SD/TH Genoa has a slightly fuller entry than the DX-7TT and is very forgiving to steer to in all conditions. It is built from cloth that uses a blend of black Twaron (aka Kevlar) and black Technora. The Twaron is used in the load path for low stretch, and the Technora is used everywhere else for better durability—which helps this sail handle the impact and flex of tacking. The black coating in the cloth fibers gives UV protection, reducing sun damage. The SD/TH also features lighter, reinforced patches, and the foot round has been redesigned so less foot cord is needed, which improves durability. The exit of the sail is straighter to allow for tighter sheeting in moderate wind, but with genoa leads forward it provides the power to punch through heavy chop. The SD/TH is an easy to trim sail that performs exceptionally well in light to moderate wind conditions when a wide steering grove is needed.

Standard Features

  • Three vision windows
  • Tell tale window
  • Tacking line
  • Cunningham
  • Sail numbers
  • Draft stripes
  • Roll bag
  • One-design tube roll bag


  • J/24 genoa trim stripes