470 S24-B4 Jib

The S5-B4 jib has been very popular with the world’s top teams for many years. We converted that sail to a new mold using the latest design software. The result is the S24-B4 jib, which has a similar depth and profile. We modified the tack to make that area smooth and wrinkle-free, and also made the entry finer. The foot was reshaped to make the air flow more effective, so the deck sweep is a little bit outboard compared to the original S5-B4 design.

Standard Features

  • Carbon battens
  • Vision window
  • Flutter patches
  • Leech tell tales
  • Trim tell tales
  • Long roll bag
  • International measurement
  • Class royalty label


  • Optional Jib luff wire 14’1”, 1×19″
  • Jib trim stripes