Snipe PR-3 Mainsail

2016 North Americans! 2015 PanAm Games!

The sail of choice for winners of the 2016 Europeans, North Americans and WH&O. The PR-3 is based on the former PR-1 Japanese design, which has a flatter bottom and fuller top. Its performance in light winds was a lot quicker than the previous standard Snipe designs, and we spent over six months in development and speed testing to extend its valid wind range up to 12 knots. The PR-3’s performance allows sailors to achieve consistent speed, and it is also easy to trim which enables a wider steering groove.

Light-Medium Conditions
Wind Range: 0-12 knots

Standard Features

  • Snipe insignia
  • Sail numbers with country code
  • Custom tapered battens
  • Shelf foot
  • Jib leech sighting window
  • Roll bag


  • Extra set of battens
  • Mainsail trim stripes