DN Iceboat MP Max-Power Mainsail

Soft ice, light air

The North  Sails Max Power mainsail is designed for soft ice and light air. Whenever you need power, this is the sail for you. This sail is designed to give maximum power during acceleration and then to flatten out and provide just the power needed once top speed has been achieved.

Recommended for:

  • When there is a layer of snow on the ice
  • Super light breeze (0-5 knots)
  • If you are on the heavier end of the weight range

Standard Features

  • E-glass battens
  • Three full battens
  • RBS rocket adjusters
  • Flex-cord luff rope
  • Two large windows


  • Carbon battens upgrade

Class Experts

DN Iceboat MP Max-Power Mainsail headshot

Will Welles

Portsmouth, Rhode Island