Soto 40 MNi-5 3Di RAW Mainsail


With 3Di™ technology, we are able to give the Soto 40 MNi-5 mainsail more modulus for the same weight and more control of headstay sag because the mainsheet loads transferred directly to the boat through the carbon leech yarns. Early trials show this  Soto 40 mainsail to have more flexibility and shape holding through the wind ranges due to the more efficient 3Di structure. The MNi-5 3Di RAW mainsail is an all-purpose sail that will perform in all conditions.

Standard Features

  • 3Di RAW 760 M 19,600 DPI
  • Class insignia
  • Sail numbers
  • Two carbon full battens
  • Four battens
  • Two carbon C Tech adjustable batten boxes
  • Cunningham
  • High modulus leech line
  • Foot line
  • Four trim stripes
  • Zip bag
  • Class measurement stamp
  • Tell tales
  • Spreader tip patches
  • Country code


  • Mainsail buttons can be purchased through the Soto 40 Class

Class Experts