Soto 40 MHi-5 3Di RAW Jib

Wind range: 9-17 knots

The Soto 40 MHi-5 Jib features a new layout with small changes to design and geometry. It has been engineered to have a high modulus and it requires less trimming attention in changing conditions and allows you to keep the weight to windward all the time for better stability. In the upper range of the MHi-5, you can easily twist the top batten by easing the sheet and/or the “up & down” control without losing control of the mid leech which allows better acceleration without losing pointing ability.


Standard Features

  • 3Di RAW 760 M 19,600 DPI
  • High modulus leech line
  • Foot line
  • Four trim stripes
  • Zip bag
  • Tack snap shackle
  • One full length top batten
  • Three leech battens
  • Tell tales
  • T-clew ring with cover
  • Class measurement stamp
  • Stanchion patches
  • Two tell tale windows


  • Headsail buttons can be purchased through the Soto 40 Class

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