J/105 Li-5 3Di RAW Jib

Wind range: 0-12 knots

The Li-5 is the newest jib for the J/105 class made out of 3Di RAW. The 3Di material is a more flexible material and therefore offers better sail shaping in light air conditions. A forgiving luff curve makes it easier to read the wind helping the trimmer and skipper. The added durability of the 3Di products is also a plus for the J/105 jib. The Li-5 3Di RAW Jib is recommended for winds up to 12 knots.


Standard Features

  • 3Di RAW 760S
  • 3 vertical battens
  • Stanchion patches
  • 2 tell tale windows
  • 3 trim stripes
  • Certified measurement
  • Class royalty tag
  • Zip bag