Platu 25 MNX-1 Mainsail

The difference between our previous PX-04 and the MNX-1 is that the vertical shape of the MNX-1 has been re-adjusted so that the sail flattens more evenly as the backstay and cunningham are pulled on. The draft has been moved aft in the base of the sail to enable the sail to be sheeted harder. This allows the helmsman to sail higher at the same good speed.  A change in the cloth layout means there is a substantial increase in the number of panels so that there is a smooth transition between the loads. 

Standard Features

  • Class insignia
  • Sail numbers
  • Epoxy battens
  • Vision window
  • Spreader window
  • Leech line
  • Leech tell tales
  • Class royalty button
  • Long roll bag