J/70 F-1 Mainsail

2019 Worlds!

The F-1 mainsail is a new cross cut design featuring less camber when compared to the North XCS-2. Tested and approved at the 2018 Worlds. Designed to fit the Selden mast or the Southern Spars mast with a stiff set-up.

Standard Features

  • One gaff batten
  • Two full length batten
  • Two leech battens
  • Loose foot
  • Vision and spreader windows
  • Radial teardrop patches
  • Spreader chafe patch
  • Trim stripes
  • Leech tell tales
  • Class insignia
  • Adjustable leech and foot cords
  • Roll bag


  • J/70 mainsail reef
  • Slugs on luff
  • Extra set of J/70 mainsail battens