J/109 LM-1 3Di RAW Jib

Wind range: 0-16 knots

The J/109 LM-1 3Di RAW jib excels in 0-16 knots, but can be used as an All-Purpose jib in lighter wind regions.  The LM-1 clew height is optimized for max in-hauling for best pointing and speed. Vertical battens are standard and will give a tight roll downwind. Roller battens are available as an option.

Standard Features

  • 3Di RAW 760
  • Vertical battens
  • Stanchion patches
  • Trim stripes
  • Tell tale window
  • Certified measurement
  • Class royalty tag
  • Sausage bag


  • Horizontal roller battens
  • UV Leech & Foot Cover
  • UV Luff Sleeve