J/109 A2-2 Asymmetric

Wind range: 0-10 knots

Sailing the J/109 in 8-10 TWS can be tough downwind. It’s not really windy enough to sail the really deep angles the boat likes, and if it’s lumpy, it gets even harder. The A2-2 Asymmetric was developed from designs used on bigger Grand Prix boats such as the TP52s. The concept was to build a sail that would be fast sailing the best angles in light air, but still rotate and fly well at deeper angles when needed to hold position. That concept carries over to the J/109 very well. If you live in a light air area or you get lumpy conditions at 12 TWS, the A2-2 Asymmetric will make the difference.

Standard Features

  • AirX 650 Spinnaker cloth
  • Certified measurement
  • Class royalty tag
  • Country code
  • Inked-on sail numbers
  • Turtle bag