J/109 MH-1 3Di RAW Jib

Wind range: 15+ knots

The J/109 MH-1 is a medium-heavy jib. It is flatter in shape than the APi-6 which allows the boat to stay on its feet in heavier breeze and accelerate, instead of heeling and sliding sideways. Since the sail is full size, it will still have enough power for windy but lumpy conditions. Paired with a big genoa, this is a great sail for both Class racing and handicap. The 3Di structure makes this a tough, long-lasting sail. Designed for winds above 15 knots.

Standard Features

  • 3Di ENDURANCE 16,800 DPI
  • Horizontal roller battens
  • Stanchion patches
  • Trim stripes
  • Tell tale window
  • Certified measurement
  • Class royalty tag
  • Sausage bag


  • UV Leech & Foot Cover
  • UV Luff Sleeve