Melges 24 J-Zero Kevlar Jib

Winner of the 2016 US Nationals, this full radial all purpose jib was designed with a slightly fuller entry than the J-7K, which makes it easy to steer to in all sea and wind conditions. Made out of black aramid with the “vertical batten” (VB) design.

Standard Features

  • Battens
  • Vision window
  • tell tale window
  • Trim tell tales
  • Leech tell tales
  • Foot and leech cord
  • Class Royalty and IHC measurement
  • Tack cleat and line
  • Roll bag


  • Jib trim stripes
  • Jib luff zipper
  • Jib luff wire (Required for first sail. Head shackles and tack block included)
  • Extra set of jib battens