Melges 24 J-7K All-Purpose Jib

2018 Worlds!

Winner of the 2018 Worlds, the J-7K is the perfect compliment to the AP-3K mainsail. The “vertical batten” (VB) design delivers slightly more sail area and better shape control than we were able to build before. By eliminating some of the leech hollow, we have created a straighter cleaner leech, particularly in the upper sections.The batten pockets have openings at the leech for easy removal. This jib is manufactured from black aramid.

Standard Features

  • Battens
  • Vision window
  • tell tale window
  • Trim tell tales
  • Leech tell tales
  • Foot and leech cord
  • Class Royalty and IHC measurement
  • Tack cleat and line
  • Roll bag


  • Jib trim stripes
  • Jib luff zipper
  • Jib luff wire (Required for first sail. Head shackles and tack block included)
  • Extra set of jib battens