J/70 XCS-2 Mainsail

All Purpose | 2019 Europeans

The 2019 J/70 European Championship winning XCS-2 mainsail design is an all-purpose sail for all conditions. The XCS-2 is the deepest of the three mainsails, a sail well suited to heavier teams or for sailing in conditions when looking for maximum power.

Standard Features

  • 3 Full Battens
  • 2 Leech Battens
  • Cunningham
  • Mainsail Spreader Tip Patches
  • Visibility Window
  • Spreader Window
  • J70 Class Insignia
  • Country Code
  • Sail Numbers
  • 3 Trim Stripes
  • IHC Measurement Certificate & Sticker
  • Roll Bag


  • J/70 mainsail reef
  • Slugs on luff
  • Extra set of J/70 mainsail battens