Star J-115 Full Radial Jib

All-Purpose | 2019 Bacardi Cup

This sail is based off of the popular J-115 jib.  Built out of durable DP 187 cloth, this is a fast, all-purpose sail with a full radial panel layout shape holding payout.  A great sail throughout the wind range and really excels in the flatter water when pointing high is key to success. If you were to only get one jib and do a lot of racing on inland lakes, this is your jib.


Standard Features

  • Full Radial construction
  • Durable 187 HTP SQ cloth
  • Two vision windows
  • Jib trim stripes
  • Jib clew blocks
  • Full luff length zipper
  • Telltales on luff and leech
  • Class royalty label
  • Long roll sail bag