International Moth Bi-9DSX 3Di Mainsail

Decksweeper | Mast Length: 5000mm

The Bi-9DSX Decksweeper 3Di Mainsail is an all-purpose, maximum sail area sail for the Beiker designed International Moth.

This sail is recommended for mast length 5000mm and standard 260mm mast stump.

Maximum luff length and careful distribution of shape and luff curve have produced a fantastic, easy-to-use Decksweeping sail for both upwind and downwind sailing.

The sail is built using North Sails 3Di technology and is a further development of the successful Bi-8DS design with an extra-large Decksweeping section to further optimize aerodynamic efficiency.

Standard Features

  • Carbon battens
  • Internal batten pockets for perfect symmetry between tacks
  • Painted class insignia
  • Sail numbers
  • 3D printed camber inducers
  • Tell tales
  • Long roll bag available for kinked booms [between 10 and 20 degrees] and straight booms