IC37 APi-1 3Di RAW Jib

The APi-1 3Di RAW jib for the IC37 is a light and sensitive jib that delivers excellent light air performance. The built-in reef makes it possible to use this sail over the entire wind range, eliminating the need for a heavy air jib.

Standard Features

  • 3Di RAW 760S 16800 DPI
  • 1 Offshore ply
  • 1 Full length batten
  • 3 leech battens
  • 1 Headsail reef
  • Soft hanks
  • Stanchion patches
  • 2 Tell Tale windows
  • Measurement certificate
  • Zip bag

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Class Experts

IC37 by Melges headshot

Ken Read

Newport, Rhode Island

IC37 APi-1 3Di RAW Jib headshot

Pete Colby

Portsmouth, Rhode Island

IC37 APi-1 3Di RAW Jib headshot

Tim Healy

Portsmouth, Rhode Island