Soto 40 H4A-3 Heavy Air Jib

Wind range: 16-23 knots

The H4A-3 Jib features a paneled construction (per class rules). It has been re-designed with small changes to design and geometry.The H4A-3 has an increased overall entry angle and bottom quarter depth to allow a wider steering groove. The final sail area has been reduced slightly to allow for better performance in the upper range of the sail.

Standard Features

  • Black Aramid laminate
  • High modulus leech line
  • Foot line
  • Four trim stripes
  • Zip bag
  • Tack snap shackle
  • One full length top batten
  • Three leech battens
  • Tell tales
  • T-clew ring with cover
  • Class measurement stamp
  • Stanchion patches
  • Two tell tales windows


  • Headsail buttons can be purchased through the Soto 40 Class

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