Solo F-2 Mainsail

This new sail is our first ever design aimed at helms over 90kgs. We have taken our already successful P-2 design and added shape through a combination of luff curve and broad seam to create a much more powerful sail for the heavier helm. It is manufactured in North Cloth’s own XI04 fabric, the sail is still easy to trim and de-powers nicely towards the top of the wind range. It has been developed for the Zeta, D+ and M7 mast sections.

Standard Features

  • Class insignia
  • Sail numbers
  • Vision windows
  • Glass battens
  • Leech tell tales
  • Trim tell tales
  • Long roll bag
  • WS in-house measurement

Class Experts

Solo F-2 Mainsail headshot

Nick Bonner

Gosport, United Kingdom
Manufacturing – Gosport, UK