Elliott 5.9 APi-1 3Di RAW All-Purpose Jib

All-purpose | 2018 & 2019 New Zealand Nationals

The APi-1 3Di RAW Jib is the workhorse of your Elliott 5.9 sails. As soon as your crew are hiking you should be on this jib. It has enough power to get you through the chop and a super straight exit to take you up the wind rang with ease. The 3Di structure offers close to none stretch holding the fast shape of the sail.

Standard Features

  • Tack & clew reef
  • Dome luff tabs
  • Full length adjustable top batten
  • 2 max length leech battens
  • Trim Stripes
  • Trim tell tales
  • Leech Ribbons
  • Long Roll Bag

Class Experts

Elliott 5.9m headshot

Derek Scott

Auckland, New Zealand – Sales Office
Auckland, New Zealand – Sail Loft