Club Swan 50 Square Top MNi-2 Mainsail

This main is an all-purpose sail built out of 3Di RAW. This sail is used with an combined lufftape and car configuration and is the more inshore orientated main with only 1 reef.There are no exterior surface layers, which saves weight and produces a softer finish. 3Di RAW produces the highest possible stretch to weight ratio for the best performance while racing.

Standard Features

  • RAW Black
  • 3Di Offshore Ply
  • 4 Full Battens
  • 4 Leech Battens
  • 1 Standard Reef(s)
  • Halyard Lock Trip Cord
  • Cunningham
  • Mainsail Spreader Tip Patches
  • Special Finishing Extras
  • Insignia
  • Country Code
  • Sail Numbers
  • 3 Trim Stripes
  • Standard Measurement
  • Zip Bag
  • Bag Code Labeling