CFJ Blue Ribbon Mainsail

The Blue Ribbon main was designed with performance and durability in mind. Easy to trim and set up, this sail will handle the demands of high school/college sailing by holding its shape longer than any other sail on the market. Optimized for institutional/school use.

Built out of 7.2 oz. NorDac. Does not comply with the CFJ Class Association Rules.

Standard Features

  • Full top batten with adjustable compression
  • 3 shorter tapered battens sewn in ultra-smooth batten pockets
  • Floating tack for increased luff tension control
  • “Loose Foot” allows better shaping of the bottom of the sail
  • 4.5” Headboard and positive roach for better light air performance
  • Slug at tack and clew
  • Ultra-lite luff and leech tell tales
  • 12” sail numbers
  • Water resistant sail bag


  • Heavily reinforced X-ply vision window
  • Colored 24” sail numbers for Team Racing enhancement
  • Colored corner reinforcements for team racing enhancement
  • Graphics – Logos, letters, mascots

Class Experts

CFJ Blue Ribbon Mainsail headshot

Will Welles

Portsmouth, Rhode Island