J/22 Big Foot All-Purpose Jib

2018, 2016, 2015, 2014 Worlds!

The Big Foot Jib has won many World titles, thanks to its round powerful entry and powerful shape. It is our wide-groove model, the most forgiving sail to steer and trim in all wind ranges. The Big Foot Jib is constructed with a “2-step” panel construction: the body is made of a firm coated Dacron, while the head and foot sections are built from heavier cloth for added durability.

Standard Features

  • Vision window
  • Luff & Leech tell tales
  • Battens
  • Long roll sail bag


  • J/22 Jib Trim Stripes
  • J/22 Jib tell tale Window
  • Jib Clew Blocks
  • Jib Cunningham