E Scow Asymmetrical Whomper

Sail faster with the new North Sails E Scow Whomper. Designed by Harry Melges, this new spinnaker is a proven winner, earning first place at both E Nationals and the Inland Championship. The Whomper reaches better in heavy air and gives you the ability to sail lower while still maintaining top speeds.

Made out of AirX 600.

Standard Features

  • Custom color selection and design
  • North Sails “Trim Guide for Asymmetrical Spinnakers”
  • Low stretch luff, leech and foot tapes
  • Take Down patches
  • Water resistant personalized sail bag
  • Easy gybing custom clew webbing
  • North Sails Priority Repair Service
  • Class royalties


  • One take down patch instead of two

Class Experts

North Sails Logo

Jim Gluek

Zenda, Wisconsin