E Scow Asymmetrical Spinnaker

North Sails has worked hard on this design for over six years and the dedication has paid off; it won the 2016 Nationals and the majority of major events. Through the right combination of twist, depth, and flat entr, this sail can be raced at top speeds in every condition. The high clew design provides more visibility, too. Made from AIRX 600.

Standard Features

  • Custom color selection and design
  • North Sails “Trim Guide for Asymmetrical Spinnakers”
  • Low stretch luff, leech and foot tapes
  • Take Down patches
  • Water resistant personalized sail bag
  • Easy gybing custom clew webbing
  • North Sails Priority Repair Service
  • Class royalties


  • One take down patch instead of two

Class Experts

North Sails Logo

Jim Gluek

Zenda, Wisconsin