Melges 17 Asymmetric Spinnaker

In Melges 17 racing, every second counts when it comes to hoisting, dousing and gibing the spinnaker. The best feature about our Melges 17 spinnaker is the silicone based Dynalite fabric that is used in its construction. This slippery material allows for huge time savings while hoisting, dousing and gybing, simply a must if you want to survive in the front of a Melges 17 race. Another bonus of the Dynalite material is that it proctects very well against dirt, mildew and other foreign substances from damaging your sail. Along with our exclusive Dynalite material, we have developed the best possible shape for the Melges 17 that features a nice full profile which allows for the ultimate in downwind performance. When it comes to making sure you are on the leading edge of Melges 17 racing, there is no other choice than North Sails.

Standard Features

  • Reinforced “Belly” patched for retrieval line
  • Durable head, clew and tack patches
  • Spectra luff line for tension adjustment
  • Sail bag

Class Experts