J/88 APi-4 3Di RAW Jib #1

Wind range: 0-18 knots

The J/88 API-4 is a medium air  jib designed for conditions between 0-18 knots. It is manufactured from North Sails 3Di, a proprietary sail technology that reduces stretch and sail weight, while increasing the structural and performance life. The J/88 API-4 Jib is available in three options: roller battens, vertical battens and non-furling (European market).

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Standard Features

  • 3Di RAW 760 S 12,600 DPI
  • Black exterior tapes
  • 3 CTech Roller furling battens
  • Stanchion patches
  • 4 Trim stripes
  • Zip bag
  • 1 tell tale window
  • Certified measurement
  • Class royalty tag


  • Vertical battens
  • T-ring in clew (sail comes with a standard rind)
  • Non-furling (European market)