Ultimate 20 AP Mainsail


We make this sail from 5.46 firm finished cloth. This cloth makes a sail that is very low stretch and that will hold its shape well throughout the entire range of conditions the boat is sailed in. Cloth selection is important as this sail has a large roach and it is important to keep the leech of open for good speed. One unique aspect of the Ultimate 20 is that the boat has no backstay and the mast is relatively stiff. To control the shape of the mainsail you need to use the sheet tension on the main. This makes getting the luff curve on the front of the main right critical. We have worked hard to get our luff curve right and the sail takes a nice shape in all conditions.

Standard Features

  • Battens
  • Vision window
  • Sail numbers
  • Sai bag


  • Extra set of battens

Class Experts