Melges 17 AP+ Mainsail

With the high speeds that are attained on the Melges 17, our mainsail has a flat profile with super light carbon/kevlar material. The Melges 17 Mainsail features a high aspect roach for more sail area and 5 full length adjustable RBS battens for the ultimate in stability and performance. This sail has similar traits to that of windsurfing sail where weight savings and a flatter profile are must when attempting to maintain a high levels of speed.

Our mainsail features new Aramid cloth that is lighter, stronger and more durable than what has been used in past seasons. The same fast shape combined with the latest high performance cloth that is made exclusively for North Sails means there will be no “copycats” on our success.

Standard Features

  • Full length adjustable performance battens
  • Enhance vision window
  • Leech tell tales
  • Waterproof, personalized sail bag
  • Choice of colored numbers (red, blue, green, black)
  • Country code for international racing
  • Spectra leech and foot cords
  • Stainless Cunningham and outhaul grommets


  • Extra set of mainsail battens

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