E Scow AP Full-Batten Mainsail

1,2,3,4,5 at the 2019 Nationals!

Winner of many National titles, this powerful shape has a straight leech and the perfect amount of twist to excel in all conditions. The sail has a radial clew section and a large radial head panel patch that combine excellent performance and life span with user friendly trimming and tuning. A full length top batten and longer battens dramatically improve both shape control and durability. This sail is easy to set up and easy to trim.

Standard Features

  • Tapered battens,both light/medium and medium/heavy top battens for each condition
  • Choice of red, blue, black or green numbers
  • Enhanced vision window
  • Spreader window
  • Waterproof personalized sail bag
  • Ultra-lite luff and leech tell tales
  • Class insignia
  • ILYA measurement number
  • Spectra leech line
  • Class royalties


  • Extra set of E Scow mainsail battens