Soto 40 A1.5-3 Asymmetric

Wind range: 0-10 knots

Optimized for 50-95 degrees AWA the new Soto 40 A1.5-3 has been re-designed to be more powerful and with a new geometry to allow max sail area . By going to maximum luff length allowed by the Class, this new A1.5-3 design has four square meters additional sail area than the previous A1.25-1 and 2 and, one square meter more than the A1.5-1. It is easier to sail at lower angles something that becomes tactically very important in this Class and thanks to the new sail geometry, this new A1.5-3 offers a nice and twisty shape to be fast when sailing tighter angles in the light breeze. Built out of Superkote 50/60 spinnaker cloth.

Standard Features

  • High modulus luff and leech cord
  • Inked-on sail numbers
  • Gybulator
  • Turtle box spinnaker bag


  • Downwind sail buttons can be purchased through the Soto 40 Class

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