420 Blue Ribbon Mainsail

High School/College/Club Sailing

Blue Ribbon sails are designed with performance and durability in mind. This main is easy to trim and set up and will handle the demands of high school/college sailing. Constructed out of North Sails exclusive 7.2 oz. NorDac. The Blue Ribbon sails do not comply with the International 420 Class Rules.

Standard Features

  • Full top batten with adjustable compression
  • 3 shorter tapered battens sewn in ultra-smooth batten pockets
  • Floating tack for increased luff tension control
  • “Loose Foot” allows better shaping of the bottom of the sail
  • 4.5” Headboard and positive roach for better light air performance
  • Slug at tack and clew
  • Ultra-lite luff and leech tell tales
  • 12” sail numbers
  • Water resistant sail bag


  • Heavily reinforced X-ply vision window
  • Colored 24” sail numbers for Team Racing enhancement
  • Colored corner reinforcements for team racing enhancement
  • Graphics – Logos, letters, mascots