Capri 22 155% Mylar Genoa – Standard Rig

Standard rig boats

Like the mainsail, the cloth used in the Capri 22 155% genoa has been selected specifically to provide the best speed, durability and overall value to our customers. The construction of the genoa is tri-radial which minimizes stretch in all directions and keeps the designed shape locked in place. As the wind picks up our genoa maintains its shape and does not get fuller.

“Fast out of the box! What more can I say! With a tight schedule and no time for any practice races, we hoisted our new North 155% for the first time 15 minutes before the start gun. Perfect fit! A few practice tacks to adjust our jib leads are we where ready to race.” Jamie Downing – Capri 22 “Madcap”

Standard Features

  • Optically clear and low stretch monofilm Mylar windows
  • Cunningham in luff
  • Leech line and foot line
  • Spreader reinforcements
  • Dual weight construction. The luff of the sail is lighter than the higher load bearing leech thereby saving weight
  • Available for standard or tall rig boats
  • Roll bag


  • Genoa trim stripes
  • Genoa tell tales window

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