Monotype-XV Iceboat

North Sails Sweden has been making fast sails for the Monotype-XV Ice Yacht for several years. Being one of the world’s top players in the DN has gained us a large amount of experience in the speed and performance of ice sailing.

Our XV Iceboat experts are available to help you get the most out of your North Sails product, offering sound advice, tuning information and expertise.

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XV Iceboat BR-2 Mainsail

North Sails mainsail for the XV Iceboat, designed for heavy wind or black ice conditions.

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XV Iceboat U-3 Mainsail

North Sails mainsail for the XV Iceboat designed for moderate wind conditions or rough ice.

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Monotype-XV Iceboat Class Experts

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Peter Saraskin

Tallinn, Estonia

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Tore Lewander

Stockholm, Sweden