North Sails makes fast and versatile sails for the Lark class, manufactured using the most advanced technology and highest quality materials in the industry. Our experts are available to help you get the most out of your North Sails product offering sound advice, tuning information and expertise.

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Lark AM-1 Mainsail

The North Sails Lark AM-1 mainsail is built with a full radial construction which distributes the load through the sail much more efficiently, improving performance and longevity. New features such as internal batten pockets and new patching has reduced the overall weight and made the sail even smoother than ever! Manufactured out of North Sails exclusive Xi laminate.

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Lark RJ-3 Jib

The North Sails RJ-3 jib for the Lark has been designed with a square top head to boost area and aid the twist profile allowing the head to open smoothly as the wind increases. It is built with radial construction in the head and clew and cross cut panels through the middle. This produces a very smooth and easy to use...

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Lark LS-6 Spinnaker

The design concept for the North Sails cross cut LS-6 has been tested very successfully on several classes and has now evolved into the new Lark spinnaker. The LS-6 is easy to trim and has excellent acceleration on a reach with the ability to keep the power on and go deep on the broad legs when required. The addition of radial...

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Pete Mitchell

Gosport, United Kingdom