As every 12ft skiff varies in design and set up, we custom measure your boat and design the sails to suit your crew weight, boat layout and bend characteristics of your mast.

We have been working hard with the North Sails 12ft skiff sailors and designers over the past few years and have refined all our designs, with winning results.

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12ft Skiff Mainsails

A lot of thought has gone into the mainsail design over the years to get the fastest and cleanest sail we possibly can. The addition of a slight radius on the back of the square head reduces tip vortex. Our mainsails are built with a full radial construction for greater support and shape holding. All mainsails come with rocket batten...

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12ft Skiff Jibs

All our jibs have been designed with the help of Ben Defuiter and are built with a new radial construction. Like the mainsails they have been designed to produce the least amount of drag possible. All jibs have webbing loops in each corner, therefore eliminating eyelet corrosion. #1 Jib -Approximate area. 7sqm #2 Jib - Approximate area. 5.6sqm #3 Jib...

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12ft Skiff Spinnakers

Our Spinnakers are designed by Mickey Ickert and have been the “go to” design in the 12ft skiff class for a number of years. Designed and built to fit each boat’s rig so every spinnaker is a perfect fit. #1 Spinnaker - Approximate area. 48sqm #2 Spinnaker - Approximate area. 38sqm #3 Spinnaker - Approximate area. 29sqm #4 Spinnaker -...

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12ft Skiff Class Experts

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Derek Scott

Auckland, New Zealand – Sales Office
Auckland, New Zealand – Sail Loft